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When most people think of Mykonos, they imagine a showreel in their head - DJ! Beach! Drinks! Hot girls!

When most people think of Mykonos, they imagine a showreel in their head - DJ! Beach! Drinks! Hot girls!
I’ve been to the hottest clubs. At the most exclusive VIP afterparties. And let me tell you. Most guys do NOT plan their holiday correctly.

They usually plan it like this

1. Fly to Mykonos

2. Spend money on big villa, bottles at clubs and luxury cars

3. ... ???

4. Somehow an amazing lifestyle (+ top models) will magically appear

I met a top influencer last year, and he told me

“Bro. I have 6 figure insta following. A blue tick. I had celebrities on my table at the clubs every night. I had a villa. And trying to have a good social life there was a MISSION.

When I came to your TILTED event, I was amazed how RELAXED I felt, just having this amazing entourage of girls around me. Waking up cuddling that girl I fell in love with. Relaxing with her and her friends by the pool. Jumping in the jeep to cruise down to the beach.

And rocking up to the club with 15 girls - I don’t normally like attention but damn, does it feel good to have every other idiot in that place watching you with their mouths open as you stroll in, while they’re showing off their watches and bottles, scratching their heads thinking ‘who the fuck is this Bilzarian guy? How did he find those chicks??’

Suddenly everyone wants to be your friend haha.”

TILTED gives you the social leverage that most people try to fake with cars, watches, and bottles.

TILTED is based off the concept outlined in Dan Bilzarians book “The Setup”. Trying to create a cool social event without leverage or a ‘setup’ is a waste of time, and its for idiots.

TILTED solves this problem by bringing our top bikini models to the event. Guess what - now you don’t have to spend all day on your phone DMing random girls on IG.

  • Or driving this way or that way to different events chasing that tinder match.
  • Or standing around in the club like an idiot scanning the crowd for a hot girl

And if you see one - chances are, she’s with some guy who planned ahead and bought models with them.

So - if you wanna ruin your holiday chasing girls all over the island - enjoy ;)

If you would rather just have a relaxed, house party vibe AT your villa without even needing to go to the club - enjoy meals together prepared by the private chef, do mini road trips in the jeep, watch the stars and talk about life - come join us.



4 Days


Mykonos, Greece

Flight Information

Flight time from Dubai: 8 hours
Flight time from Istanbul: 5 hours
Flight time from London: 4 hours

Airport name: JMK

Can transfer via ATH (Athens) or SKG  (Thessaloniki)

The Rooms


Day 1

Arrival Day
Sunset BBQ at villa

Day 2

Boat Day

Day 3

Beach club - Nammos

Day 4

Final Dinner at restaurant - Nusr-et
DJ Equipment and lighting setup


Black sprinters
Jeep Wrangler
Black Range Rover

Included Services

- Private Chef + Chef Assistant
- Cleaners 2x 
- Airport transfers included on first and last day

Extra Services

Helicopter transfer from airport to Villa (4 people)


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Mykonos, Greece
Jun 25
Jul 1, 2023
4 Days
Luxury Villa
Luxury Yacht
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